Mission, Values, & Vision

"At Success at Thurgood Marshall, we empower all students with the academic skills, character traits, and self-confidence to live happy, healthy lives of unlimited possibility."


Community - "I am who I am because of you."  
We lift each other up and we ask for help when we need it.  We honor and support the strength, experience, voice, and identity of every member of our community. We are connected. We are one. We bring love, laughter, strength, hope, and kindness to all the communities in which we live. In caring unconditionally for others, we create the same for ourselves.

I do what needs to get done. I can be counted on to put my best into whatever I do. If there’s a problem, I look for a solution. If there’s a better way, I find it. The more responsibility I have, the more power I have to shape the world around me. I can be trusted to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.
I must have the courage to shine, the courage to take chances, the courage to be a leader. It is the key to opening doors and realizing my potential. Having courage doesn’t mean I’m not afraid. It means that even in the face of my fears, I find a way to do what needs to be done. It means being my own person, releasing the inner-geek, and standing up for what I believe in.

The road may be long. The obstacles may be intense, and still I rise. I am in control of my effort, and I refuse to give up on what I want to accomplish. Challenges and mistakes must be celebrated as opportunities to grow. The key is to love the struggle and never quit because it’s hard. Find a way or make one, because when the odds are against me, I get stronger.
Pride – "Your crown has been bought and paid for. Put it on your head and wear it.”
I must know the beauty and strength of who I am, where I come from, and where I’m going. I honor my history, my culture, and my talents by putting my best into whatever I do.  I reject stereotypes that fail to celebrate the truth of who I am.  

Our world is a wonderful, horrible, complicated, simple, fascinating place. I want to understand it. I want to take it apart and put it back together and then step back and see it again for the first time. How? Why? What if? A love of learning fuels my mind and opens doors for me to discover where I can go and what I can do. I grow stronger with every new understanding, embracing ideas beyond my own experiences and beliefs.


Success Prep @ Thurgood Marshall is a safe learning environment that encourages all to succeed and also learn from their mistakes. We strive to create a positive, supportive community through calm, productive interactions. We rely on each other and ask for help in order to reach our full potential—this is the way of life in our building.